Working hard or hardly working?

Hello good fellows,

My recent work schedule has ramped up through the rafters and between that and me actually playing games my writing has fallen by the wayside. I have lots of tales to tell though and when I am back to having my weekends free I shall begin to tell them.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

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Battleground Shenanigans

So I  seem to be back into EQ2 on the live server Guk and enjoying myself again which is great. Although it’s probably something to do with a little project I have on the go in there right now. It all started a few evenings ago during a mammoth seven hour battleground token grind binge. I was joining random BG’s in the cross server Battleground finder tool on my 90 Warden (EQ2 does not have a cross server PVE dungeon finder /boo!). I was having a really hard time as fairly often I’d get one shotted with what seemed like impossibly high damage. In turn it seemed I could not damage the enemy very much at all. A few times I even got chewed out by my pug group/raid members for sucking at healing which as any healer will know is the default excuse for any shortcoming in  group/raid performance but only sometimes the real reason.

I came to the conclusion that at this stage of the game it is actually very frustrating to break into the battleground scene due to the fact all the cool kids are wearing full sets of fabled and adorned BG armor/weapons/jewelry and are untouchable menacing dealers of unrepentant death. So what to do? I asked myself. Well I decided to create a new toon and start in BG land from scratch. Battlegrounds are available in EQ2 from level 30 onwards which one can reach in 2 or three play sessions on the live servers with 100% xp switched on.

My shiny new Necro Bownee Lizzie

My idea being that down in the lower brackets things might be a bit less harsh and I can save up battleground tokens to use for my level  90 characters at a faster rate. So being as my level 90 Wizard Gazruney is also a level 84 Tailor I can craft my little Necro friend some nice armor with the special PVP stat in EQ2 called toughness. The toughness stat is critical mitigation for PVP basically and makes a players survivability a lot more favorable. So I will head off into the digital ether and battle hard!!. look out here for my combat reports in the future weeks.

Here is Gazruney the Wizard on his travels.

Yep, he fly's on a cloud monkey magic style 😉

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!


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Phew!, time is flying already this year is it not?. I keep meaning to come here and jot a little about what has been going on for me this year, but to be honest it has not been the best start to a year I have ever had. Anyway swiftly moving on what have I been up to? you may or may not ask, well I’ll tell you ;).

I have spent waaay too much time playing Call of Duty Black ops on the 360. I finished the single player campaign on normal and I am now replaying it on veteran. A lot of people have said that Blops is not as good as Modern Warfare 2 which I cannot confirm or deny as I never played any of the modern warfare variety’s of CoD. Having said that I very much enjoyed the single player in Black Ops and in my opinion why have a long-winded intricate story of a single player adventure when most players are only really interested in the multiplayer anyway. I remember way back when Call of duty United Offensive released on PC I installed it and played multiplayer for 4 hours a night for at least 5 months before even bothering with the offline single player game. I guess what I am saying in a roundabout way is that I am very happy with Black Ops, for me it was bang on the money with a variety of different theatres of war to play in which in turn offered a variety of different weapons to play around with and a fast-moving and in my opinion quite compelling little story.

Also I have scratched the surface of Red Dead Redemption which is probably one of the best polished and amazing looking console games I have ever played it is so very cinematic which is a win for me, I always want the games I play to feel like action movies. The sunsets!! omg! I want to play the theme tune to Bonanza and ride off into it every time the day ends. Multiplayer is a blast too. I had a quick bash with a couple of my buds from Xbox live,It was all very hilarious with lots of poor stage-coach driving possibly due to over doing it on the tequila in the saloon maybe. Aslo I now realise where the term “riding shot gun” originated from lol.

Finally about two weeks ago my brother-in-law gifted me a months subscription to my old online haunt Everquest 2. Probably a nefarious attempt in dragging me back in just in time for the new expansion on the 22nd of Feb, Destiny of Velious. I have mostly been running battlegrounds in-game on my 90 Kerran Warden Pheolix in order to get my hands on some nice fabled BG armor. I ran a few of the latest instances on my 90 Gnome Conjuror Inferius, but I know all those a little too well for them to be all that exciting now. It was still fun to catch up with the guys in my guild The Knights of Honour on the Guk server and wax lyrical while meeting out mass destruction.

So there it is I finally touched base with my blog in this new year of 2011 :D.

Heres to many more!

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

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Holiday Hiatus

My goodness I am busy in real life at the moment!. My current place of work is closing down at the end of the year and I do not think I have ever worked so hard lol, Ironic really.

My evenings these days are either spent preparing for the holidays or job hunting then a little bit of gaming if I can fit it in. I just can’t find the time for any blogging at the moment and do not foresee having any until January now if I’m honest with myself. December is always a time for me when family comes before gaming and so with that in mind I shall be going into blog hibernation untill the new year.

I sincerely wish you all a fantastic holiday period and a very happy and prosperous new year.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

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Lean Mean Dwarf Choppin Machine!

Greetings chums!

Well I manged to get into my beloved PC gaming sooner rather than later. I cobbled together a Frankensteins monster of a machine from all my spare parts/dead machines in my garage. Hopefully it will not shuffle off in search of other PC’s brains too soon!

So last night I met up in Warhammer online for the ‘Hipster Battalion’s’ monday night static warband fun. Well actually in truth I logged in a little early decided to go with my Orc Choppa and a ran a scenario (Tor Anroc) and did some quests in Talabecland just to warm up and managed to ding rank 25. Which was good because I need to catch up with the guys a few levels since I have missed a few meetings. Hitting 25 unlocked a new tactic that when slotted gives my abilities 15% more dps when hitting from behind or flanking. Also I got new AOE hotbar ability that can strike up to 9 players in one swathe. Ever seen an Orc do a happy dance?


I want my Choppa to look like this one right now!!

So our first foray into battle was to head to Ghronds Sacristy keep in Avelorn to bolster its defences from an Order assault. Firstly we taunted and harried from the ramparts before deciding to sneak out of the postern door and outflank the attackers and try to roll them up from the rear ranks. So with VanHemlock leading the charge off we went, we started to carve into them quite nicely but the main force caught wind of our plan a bit too soon and turned to face us en-masse and our raid party had to make its retreat back into the keep. By which time the Order had managed to break through the keep door and were trickling inside. We spent the next 25 mins repelling the invaders untill they sullenly gave up and retreated as we ran after them jeering and hacking at their backs.

Avelorn, Very green and leafy!


After running down the counter for the renown boost we blew our horns ( to summon our mounts, stop giggling at the back!!) and rode off majestically across Avelorn to retake Well of Qhaysn. Qhaysn was a very quick sacking indeed, over before it began it seemed and I won a gold loot bag at the end which was nice. We spent the rest of the evening running PQ’s to cap out some influence bars and I won my first purple loot bag! Hooray!!!. All in all I was very happy to be back playing WAR and having a riotous laugh with the guys on mumble as always, I’m looking forward to next Monday already. Tonight we are off to Norrath in EQ2X for some dungeon crawling, Say hi if you see me :).

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!



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RoM is fighting the good fight!

I have a soft spot for Runes of Magic, not sure why, but I just feel quite at home in the world of Taborea. Also if I’m honest RoM’s cash shop was the forerunner to what most triple A mmo’s are going with now as a payment model and is arguably the best. You don’t pay for any box or extra content, all expansions are free and if you have the time to invest you can get by just fine without spending a penny. Yet it still gets mostly overlooked by the community I think it may possibly be the stigma of it being an Eastern port if I had to make a guess.

I noticed today on Runes of Magic’s community news a post by Zalmah informing players about the ongoing battle against the  infamous gold farmers /spit!!.

“Dear Runes of Magic Community,

The bell is tolling for the gold-sellers and their nefarious ways! In the past few weeks following our last announcement in June of this year, we have made further strides in this continuous battle.

Thanks to cooperation between our anti-fraud team and eBay staff, the numbers of gold purchasing auctions created on this well-known trading platform have been greatly reduced. In doing so, we have been able to successfully convince eBay that gold selling activities are illegal. We have obtained a restraining order against all of these gold sellers operating on eBay even though one operator had lodged an objection. This objection, however, was withdrawn after a court made it abundantly clear during a hearing that gold selling in Runes of Magic is illegal.

We also gained the rights to the domain name of a further gold seller, and many other gold and levelling-up websites were prompted to permanently remove their Runes of Magic offers during the course of the legal proceedings. Additionally, we are currently in the process of issuing warnings to gold-sellers abroad, such as those who are operating from China. Furthermore, the product/brand of Runes of Magic has been registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office, which leaves us with even more possibilities to help us combat gold-sellers.

Our common goal is to completely eliminate all offers of gold selling and levelling-up services by actively combating the individuals who are behind them.

By improving the tools at our disposal, our teams can better locate accounts run by gold-sellers and delete them faster. This means that they not only lose their accounts, but also their means of farming gold and earning money.
The ‘Trusted Player’ function, which we will be introducing shortly, will be able to evaluate a number of criteria to provide trustworthy players with more comfort and security, while at the same time removing players known to us to be untrustworthy. We will inform you as soon as this system has been thoroughly tested and is ready.

But we’re not calling it quits just yet. Providing the Runes of Magic community with a pleasurable game experience, without having our in-game currency passing through gold-sellers, is one of our top priorities. We will continue to work hard to make sure your game experience is not affected by these illegal activities.

Your Runes of Magic Team”

Link to original post

As you can see Frogster are pulling no punches and it’s great to see such fervour on the matter of illegal gold selling. I certainly will be revisiting Runes of Magic once I get back up and running with a new PC. If you have not tried it yet I urge you to give it a go, what have you got to lose?. My characters are all on Macantacht EU by the way 🙂 .

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

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Halloween Pics

Heres a few pictures of the pumpkins Mrs Gazruney and I carved with the help of our children.

K thanx bye!

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Of Fable 3 and dreams!(no spoilers)

Hello everyone I hope you had as much fun at Halloween as I did with my family. We carved pumpkins,made Halloween cookies and pumpkin cup cakes which were quite delicious even if I do say so myself. The kids made out like bandits on their trick or treat run and had a great time dishing out the candy to the kids and shameless adults that came knocking at our door. Next stop:Guy Fawkes night!!

So I’m sure you have noticed a lack of activity from me here over the last week and in short it is due to the fact that in all honesty it’s hard to blog about your console game habit. When it’s a mmo you are blogging about other players will eat up your stories,guides,blow-by-blow accounts like hot cakes because mmos are never-ending ongoing content. Console games however are a different kettle of fish, I mean, how can tell you all about what I got up to in Fable 3 this weekend without spoiling the story? in short, I can’t.

I will tell you that I enjoy the mini games in this iteration of Fable, Lute Hero can be devilishly frustrating when you build up a good strumming speed. Also pie making can be quite a fun way to make a quick few gold on the side plus an achievement. I wanted to make this character more of a magic user since in Fable 2 I was all ranged with a clockwork rifle. However I have ended up going down the ranged combat with a rifle road again, oh well the mind wants what it wants I suppose. I quite like the change in combat mechanics although maybe some might feel it’s dumbing down the game slightly, but to me it makes combat flow better and more cinematically. I have had a couple of genuine belly laugh moments already and like it says on the box lots of hard moral decisions.

So as I mentioned I can’t say a lot more without ruining it for you guys but I will say it is definitely worth grabbing this game. I don’t often pay full release price for a game but Fable 3 is worth every penny.

I finished catching up on season five of Supernatural at the weekend and BOY!! what a finale. This show knows exactly how to pull your heart-strings and it’s just the most amazing story. The whole concept would work so very,very well in a video game, it’s a no brainer really. Someone should make a video game of this TV show, not a mmo though because not everything has to be an mmo does it?, but a single player/co-op for consoles and PC. Imagine it! you and a buddy with the whole of America open GTA style to search for ghosts,monsters,demons any manner of unnatural beings to hunt. You keep an eye out on TV,Newspaper and Worldwide web for unusual events to investigate, some of which may be small isolated hunts others part of the bigger ongoing background story arc. All while driving a super cool black 67 Chevrolet Impala and to a soundtrack of the most awesome classic rock, Man I want that game now!!! (Fanboi much!!)

Said Impala

Thats all folks!

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

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The greater good

So I got a refund on my faulty PC today and I have made a decision for the greater good. Due to the fact I will be losing my current job at the end of December I shall be waiting untill I am settled in a new one before making any large unnecessary purchases (for some reason my wife considers a gaming PC unnecessary!). How safe and boring of me huh!.

I still have my laptop which I use for work that at a push could probably run WoW on modest settings, so if I get desperate to play a mmo, that’s what I’ll do. So what does this mean for me and my blog in gaming terms for the next few months?.Well you’ll see a heavy swing in the Xbox 360 direction. I realise that may not be to all my current readers taste but it is, what it is.

I’ve actually spent the last few evenings watching the whole season five of Supernatural back to back, and what a season!. Easily some of the best written television I have watched since X files was in its heyday, plus hearing Dean refer to an angel as an “asshat” is worth its weight in comedy gold. It’s all I can do to not yammer away about it and ruin the story for anyone that has not seen it to be honest, lol.

So here’s to hoping I can keep you all interested even though for all intents and purposes I am currently out of the PC gaming scene.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

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Once again I am without a PC at home. I think now because I’m angry I am going give a dishonorable mention in that I have to wonder if they even bothered to change my hard drive!!. I switched the PC on yesterday morning to find the same hard drive error as I had before. I’m going to request a refund this time I’d rather look elsewhere at this point.

From the short time i did manage to play Warhammer here is screenshot of Gursh the Black Orc and my new main toon in his halloween devil mask. I got him to Rank 23 RR21 and was really looking forward to Monday nights Hipster Battalion meeting 😦 .

The most annoying thing is I went for a pre-built machine as my spare time is quite limited at the moment to be fiddling around with a self build. I feel I may have learned a lesson here lol.

Sorry it has been quiet lately here but I have been in a non gaming general malaise over all this. I’m having one of those periods of time where everything seems to be going wrong lol.

Hopefully you are all faring far better than I am guys n gals 😀

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

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