My Travels in Azeroth

Last night I logged into WoW because I wanted a quick dungeon run fix and the random dungeon finder is perfect for that. There is pretty much just the one dungeon that pops up repeatedly at my current level (32) and that is Scarlet monastery graveyard although I’m almost 33 now so hopefully I can move into the library section then. I pretty much have anything useful to me that is available from the Graveyard area now gear wise and I am ready to move on but it will depend on how quickly the dungeon finder fills a group for the library if it’s a lot longer wait I might stick with graveyard a bit longer because it’s fast easy and fun as a low level dungeon should be in my opinion.

I play Warlock called Gazruney on the EU server Darkmoon Faire and the reason I chose a warlock was because it was described as one of the more complicated classes in WoW and I like to be kept busy so that was the one for me 🙂 .

Click here to see my armory page!

I wanted to get to level 34 at least last night but the Leader of the guild I had applied to join got in touch with me and I spent a bit of time chatting to him about my play style background and what I expect of the guild and what they should expect from me . I had already waited over a week to talk to the guy because I knew they would be the guild for me and after chatting to him my feeling was confirmed and he offered me a spot in the “Templars of Quel Thanas” which I happily accepted and went on to meet and greet everyone. I got an incredibly warm welcome and felt right at home straight away and I feel my time spent in Azeroth may increase now because a great guild makes a game much more fun.

I also ran a few quests in Hillsbrad Foothills mostly from the hub at Tarren Mill. I was exterminating yeti’s for a quest update and quite a few of them felt my wrath before they gave up what I wanted. Then fought my way past snow Yeti’s in a snowy valley (Can’t recall the area name and must start taking notes lol) and into a cave for a clicky quest update from a stone inside gaurded by you guessed it ..more big white yeti’s. I love soloing as a warlock you get this sort of conveyor belt going on of dps till mana is low trade health for mana then drain health from the mob so you really don’t get much down time it’s great fun and I feel a sense of real glee when I send a mob running away after using fear on them.

I have not tried PvP in Wow yet and to be honest I doubt I will because Warhammer is currently ticking all my PvP boxes very well at the moment in the Monday night guild I play with, coincidently it’s nice to look forward to Monday now instead of having monday blues I have a “yes it’s Warhammer night!” thrill he he.

originally I only wanted to start Warcraft after Cataclysm released but I’m glad I gave in early and am getting to discover and play all the original content before It changes, at least I can look back now and say “I was there man!!” like it was gaming version of Woodstock.

Anyways that’s what I got up to in Azeroth last night, another night of gaming goodness under my belt.

Thanks for reading guys.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!


About Gazruney

35 year old social gamer on Xbox 360 and PC platforms Big fan of the Harry Potter series, like a freaky anorak knows to much fan lol. Raptr - Gazruney XBL - Gazruney
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