I’m in a bit of an armchair historian mode right now after watching a trailer and reading some info about the game Homefront by THQ. I have always found the subject of the use of propaganda during times of war fascinating and if one were to don a tin foil hat and look at it from a certain point of view (woot! got a Star Wars quote in!) one might see a game like this as modern-day Propaganda.

Let me first assure you that I personally believe it is what it is..just a game. However I have to think to myself what if video games as a media platform where available in the late 30’s to mid 40’s?. If so how would they have been manipulated to demonize an enemy?. Doing just that was common practice during WWII. We can look back now with hindsight and see propaganda at work in old Pathe news reels and news paper clippings and such and in the US even in Loony Tunes cartoons.

We have seen the US army release the FPS Americas Army as a recruitment tool and heard in the news in the past that Microsoft flight simulator was used to train terrorists. It just amazes me that our  fun pastime/hobby that we use for an escape can be put to very serious use in the world.

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