Showing off my Choppers.

Well another brilliant evening of fun was had in Warhammer Online with the Hippster Battalion. We systematically rolled up keeps in Greenskin ,Empire and Darkelf area’s sometimes joining the massive Destruction zerg and sometimes we broke off as guild to take the smaller outposts ourselves and let the zerg carry on its wayward surge.

Me in Foultooth camp.

After what was the best night we have had in open RvR so far we decided to hit some PQ’s in the Greenskin area. We spent about an hour running from PQ to PQ totally pwning stunties incredibly fast I mean hordes of them were melting before our eyes lol . It was a fantastic way to cap off a frantic evening of Waaagh!!!.I’m becoming increasingly enamoured with this game every time I play it keeps getting better. Also the high quality banter helps and if laughter is the best medicine the Hippsters must be a very healthy bunch!.

In the Inevitable City.

Just a short and sweet update on that today as I’m on a weeks break from work and have much less time to spend thinking on what I am going to write about as I am spending a lot of time with my Family. You can hear a much more in depth description of all the Hippster happenings from Tim on His Podcast at Vanhemlock.com

Untill next time,

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!


About Gazruney

35 year old social gamer on Xbox 360 and PC platforms Big fan of the Harry Potter series, like a freaky anorak knows to much fan lol. Raptr - Gazruney XBL - Gazruney
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2 Responses to Waaagh!!

  1. Dok says:

    Haha, sounds awesome! You know, I’m quite glad I work Monday nights as I play Order on the same server you guys are on 😀

  2. gazruney says:

    Haha That’s cool. We should all get together on Cristmas Day and play Soccer on the battlefield 😛 .

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