I had been alpha testing SOE’s new extended trial/Free to play of Everquest 2 for the last few weeks untill my sub ran out as I had cancelled due to having more fun in Warhammer and WoW. Now that EQ2X is in public beta or what is basically a full release I returned with my wife for a run through to see how things will play out in the long haul.

Overlooking New Halas starter area

We are seasoned veterans of EQ2 having played together since launch and having multiple max level characters and ran a casual guild for a couple of years called “Brethren of Honour” on the Nektulos server. Which was excellent fun but Nicki and I  burned out on the game and felt we had seen all there was to offer and moved on to pastures new although I kept my sub going on and off to keep in touch with guildies . So back we came to Norrath keeping our expectations well in check I shall add. I decided to roll an Inquisitor and she rolled a Templar which is what she always played on our old Subscription server. We both purchased the silver membership for the bag space and level chat mainly so we can trade in the channels because the broker is unavailable to us without going Gold or higher.

Pew Pew!!

It seems to me that a massive draw that EQ2 has for female players is the collection quests or “Shinies” as my good lady wife likes to exclaim as she runs into a large group of angry mobs without an ounce of fear and promptly grabs while every one else deals with the aftermath lol .

Princess Nicki (My Wife)

We are having a great time so far on the EQ2x server it’s certainly breathed new life into the game for us especially with no broker available as everyone is  talking to each other and trading items and spell upgrades in person like an actual mmo with actual other people. I will be an armorsmith for my tradeskill to encase us in plate metal finery and she is going to be sage and keep our spells nice and powerful. We won’t be in any rush to level up as there is that great “no pressure” feeling that we only get with non subscription mmos.

Yes we have matching armor 😛

All in all we feel that this will be a great success for EQ2 and should bring a lot of players in new and old alike and with the restrictions on armor and ability levels I will hope the onus will firmly stay on the fun side rather than the epeen elitist jerk side*. In fact I feel that Sony would have been better off opening this server with the original advent of the station cash market place as it would have been much better received by the current player base which saw Station Cash market place as a bit of a double dip cash grab at the time.

Also I purchased Monday Night Combat on Xbox360 on Saturday in which I am having a blast and will make for my blog topic.

As always,

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

*A slight sweeping generalisation but you know the type of players I’m referring to 🙂


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