Broke it? Or made it better?

Over the last year and half my feelings towards EQ2 have blown as hot and cold as a faulty AC unit. You see a year ago I would have found the concept of the EQ2X servers abhorrent and would be moaning and doom mongering about them to anyone I could get to listen long enough. These days probably because I now play quite a few mmos I tend to take a much more subjective and less “fanboi” approach to changes in what was my first ever mmo experience.

Heres how I feel on the restrictions of the $10/£8 Silver membership which me and my wife Nicki have.

Bag space: 3 bags, 3 bank slots and 2 shared bank slots. There are player made bags and boxes available that give up to 44 slots per bag slot. One of those in each available bag/bank slot gives a total of 352 inventory slots. Not to mention your house vault space and guild bank space if you’re in a guild, therefore Bag space won’t be a problem with a little extra care on inventory management.

Quest Journal: On the live servers you have room for around 150 quests in your journal. With silver membership you get room for 40, this suits me as I can be much more focused when questing rather than grabbing a whole bunch and facing a confusing mass of information and choices on what to quest to work on first.

Ability and Gear restrictions: I do not like raiding ! all. All I need is some good Mastercrafted armor/weapons/Jewelry and i’m good to hit my fave instances with friends or a pug.

No access to Broker (Auction House) : This creates a reason to meet other players and make deals in person therefore creating much more social interaction (something which is becoming neglected in mmos of today in my opinion) . Players are talking of using the Isle of Mara as a trading area as it has most amenities available to players of both factions very close in one area.

Only four races available free:  I was lucky here as my favourite race is Half Elf and is one of free ones. However a one time fee to unlock other races seems fair.

Only 8 classes available free:*Updated* as of 27 Aug 2010 it was stated by Smokejumper that classes will be sold in piecemeal form as soon as they have the techincal details ironed out.

Limited to 20Gold per level: This means at 80 you can carry only 1.6 plat this could be a problem definitely. Although there is a work around I used to use on the Nagafen PvP server to avoid losing my cash when getting ganked. You buy high level expensive crafting fuel and carry it with you to sell to vendors as and when you need it. This way you can carry much much more than 1.6 plat with you.

So right now EQ2X is just perfect for me and I suspect I am the sort of player SOE are dreading maybe he he. Either way there’s a hell of a lot of fun on offer and I intend to make the most of it. Only problem is my wifes PC died and we can no longer play together which is a bummer, oh well we can’t have it all now can we :D

As far as the legacy server players worrying about how they will attain new players because of the free server goes here is my prediction. EQ2X is what all EQ2 servers will be if the new model works out well for Sony.

This is the new Producer (Dave(Smokejumper)Georgeson) showing SOE how much money can be made from this business model. Smokejumper has worked on numerous F2P titles in the past and knows his stuff in that respect. You can see that Sony did not quite trust his point of view still (as giving something for free is Sony’s worst kind of hell) by the fact that they only put one server online for it. Maybe i’m way off base but that’s what I think anyway.

Till next time,

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!


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