Good Times!

Greetings and well met my good fellows!

My wanderings between virtual worlds have continued as usual over what was a long weekend in the UK (bank holiday monday). Whilst I’m enjoying myself across the board and having friends in pretty much every game I’m playing right now I cant help but wonder, how much further along would I be If stuck to just one game?. I’m not sure if I am about ready to choose one yet but with things the way are financially I’d like to choose one subscription based game to stick with and dabble in some F2P’s on the side.

The two subscription based games I am enjoying and would choose from right now are Warhammer online and the ever popular World of Warcraft. I love Warhammer’s RvR as much I love WoW’s PvE so what do? Well I think I will let Xfire decide for me. Whichever game I have logged the most hours in by christmas is going to be the one I stick with next year. There.. I did it, I set my goal in my blog for all to see.

I have spent the last few evenings deeply engrossed in the games I am currently having fun with. I logged into WoW on Friday and spent a couple of hours questing and doing scarlet monastery runs I managed to ding Gazruney to level 36 Warlock. I’m having a such a blast and feel glad I chose warlock it suits me just fine. I very much enjoy the area damage spells especially the spell ‘Hellfire’, if I have an attentive healer in my group I just love letting that one rip, it looks bloody brilliant!. I’m still playing WoW on a strictly casual basis only clocking in 4-6 hours a week and that is working just fine for me. I always find something to do and to be honest Its quite relaxing to not have to worry about upgrading my spells all the time like I do in EQ2. It feels good to just be able to play the game and not have worry about whether my spells are good enough for an instance or not. So I browsed over to Amazon and pre-ordered myself a copy of Cataclysm and look forward to its release.

Next up was Everquest 2 Extended in which I spent the evening leveling up a friend who had come from the live servers to play with me. She made a Zerker and ran around questing in New Halas with me following along throwing heals on her as needed. We had a good catch up chat and her husband is coming over to play with us too which can only add to the fun. After her getting to the level same level as me ( 17 ) we went harvesting together in order to make some headway on the new crafting quest lines put in with GU57. Each quest completed rewards a choice of 1 piece of your current tier rare crafting material plus faction and coin rewards and the all important crafting xp.

I have heard on the grapevine that there will be a broker token introduced in the future that can be purchased with station cash and enable a player to use the broker for a set limited amount of trades. This will be a handy addition for bumping up ones gold purse now and then. I understand the reasoning behind the charges limit needs to there as a deterrent to gold farmers and is a good idea in my opinion. I also have just noticed that this weekend from Sept 3rd until Tues Sept 7th, EQ2 is sporting double xp for all xp types (AA,tradeskill and adventure). Always a popular thing those double xp weekends he he. So whilst i’m pretty sure with the advent of EQ2X I will never be a full subscriber again I know I will continue to play and enjoy what is on offer to me for free/micro transactions when the mood takes. I’m Gazroony the Inquisitor btw stop and wave if you see me :D.

Had another crazy night of fun in Warhammer last night with the Hipster Battalion while playing my Orc Choppa Gaztrik. There were plenty of opposition around for the chopping of and we got mixed up in lots of good skirmishes in the areas around the keeps in Ellyrion and the Shadowlands. We actually managed to defend a couple of keeps which was a nice change of pace as we had got used to being the Zergers not the Zergees. I’m now a hairs breadth from Rank 21 and got a renown rank ding that put me on 18 renown. I could do with grabbing a couple more renown levels before entering T3 so I shall be popping in a few times this week for some scenarios as they are always good for topping up the old renown bar.

Also I’ve been playing a heap of Monday night Combat and have been handed my arse by 13 year olds on their summer break(at least I hope they were, Its my best excuse!) on many occasions. I have been getting better though,my squad actually won a few games yesterday!. Everybody seems to play a tank or an assassin so I’m either smooshed across the floor or have my legs swept out from under me and stabbed lol . The animations for the assassins moves are awesome though and take the edge off of being killed by them somewhat.

So there we have it, my long weekend in a nutshell.

If you read it all ,thank you, if not…..go back and finish you flippin slacker!!!.I’m just kidding :D, but seriously go back and finish it!

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!


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35 year old social gamer on Xbox 360 and PC platforms Big fan of the Harry Potter series, like a freaky anorak knows to much fan lol. Raptr - Gazruney XBL - Gazruney
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