A quick one!

Howdy gang!

Just a quick update really to be getting on with untill my next full post.

After much cajoling from a few old friends I used to play with on the Nektulos server in what is now refered to as EQ2 live I caved in and created a guild with them. It is called “Hope and Glory” we shall be recruiting mature gamers and will focus on the casual side of EQ2 as we all intend to stay on Silver membership rather than subscribe fully. I suspect there will be much 6 player instance/shared dungeon running and crafting going on plus lots of fun banter in guild chat.

So if anyone is interested in coming to have some fun with us you can get in touch with me ‘Gazroony’ or my better half ‘Princessnicki’ or Flameazalea and her husband Zola. We are all veterans of the game so if your new to EQ2 we shall have much advice on hand for you whenever you need it.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!


About Gazruney

35 year old social gamer on Xbox 360 and PC platforms Big fan of the Harry Potter series, like a freaky anorak knows to much fan lol. Raptr - Gazruney XBL - Gazruney
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