My slacker ass!

No I’m not talking about my lazy donkey. Its crazy , I was under the impression it had only been a few days since I last wrote here but Its a been a week and therefore I have brought my slacker ass here for a post.

I have been hitting the EQ2X fairly hard and got my Inquisitor to level 30 and brought his crafting level to 30 Sage alongside with it.My Alternate advancement level is 38 which is making me quite powerful for my level which is handy since being unable to use the broker on silver makes it hard to find adept spell upgrades. I never intended to do any crafting to be honest but for some reason I just can’t leave it alone in EQ2, any other game I can quite easily ignore crafting but not EQ2. I guess that says a lot about the crafting system there as when I think of other systems in other games they pale in comparison except for Vangaurd maybe.

I’ve been dungeon delving with the guys from the Tuesday Noob Club guild from over at and we have been having an awesome time making the most of the robust mentoring system in EQ2 to ensure no man is left behind from the fun. I don’t want to go into too much detail into where we went and what we did because I know Mr Vanhemlock will give a nice run down of events on the podcast and do not wish to step on his toes. Also the podcast just hit 120 shows this week so congrats John and Tim and many thanks for a boat-load of free entertainment, many thanks indeed.

In Warhammer I have been running RvR scenarios on my Choppa in an attempt to catch my renown up to my combat rank of 21. I managed to get to 20 renown but dinged 22 in the effort and now will have to wait untill the rest of gang hit T3 for me to play him again. It is not a problem though as I spent some time leveling my Black Orc to use on Monday and after some open RvR zerg following, solo questing and scenarios the black orc is 15 with 15 renown and has a set of obliterater gear waiting for him in his bags.

I’ve spent some more time playing the frantic and twitchy but immensly fun Monday Night Combat. Not that levels mean much of anything in the game but mine is now 17 and I am getting really rather good with my fave class the Assault. I had a bash with the Gunner but could not really get into it so it looks like I’m Assault for good. I like MNC because the score board is not all about PvP kill count it takes into account how much money you collected in the match which is ultimately what you are after since it’s a game show after all. So someone who decides they want to stay near thier teams moneyball and defend against the bots the other side spawn at them they have just as much chance of coming top of the score board as the head hunting PvP assassin types. There is a nice mix of PvP and PvE in MNC’s online Crossfire matches which is a great idea in my opinion.Only problem is not many on my friends list have MNC yet . Ive had a quick go with one or two but not spent an evening playing with a few friends yet which is what I’d really like to do in that game.

As for Lotro F2P, I’ve decided I am not going to bother with it, even when it goes live in the EU. I am having plenty of fun in Warhammer and EQ2 and all the other mmos and Xbox games I’m currently playing and I doubt I could fit Lotro in to be honest. However I am becoming more and more excited about the release of Rift:Planes of Telera every week now and have been keeping up to date on all news being released about it. I will likely blog a little about whats happening as we get closer to launch for that one as I shall definitely be playing it when it is released next year. With that I would like to announce that this is the end…not of my blog but of this post 🙂 .

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!


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35 year old social gamer on Xbox 360 and PC platforms Big fan of the Harry Potter series, like a freaky anorak knows to much fan lol. Raptr - Gazruney XBL - Gazruney
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