Gather around and I shall tell you a story.

I am going to be completely self indulgent with the next few posts and serialise a short fan fiction story I wrote based on my original experiences back when Everquest 2 first launched in November 2004. Think of it as a kind of fantasy soap opera if you will.

The Monk and the Mage..

Chapter 1:Refugee’s

Water lapped lazily against the brick sides of the dock as I stood waiting.It had a calming effect upon me which was welcome after the stormy voyage I Had just endured on the refugee ship to Qeynos.I was also apprehensive due to my refugee status, how would the locals react to me? I’d have to wait and see.The Hamlet I had just arrived at was called Nettlevile Hovel and true to its name there were indeed a few rats scurrying here and thereabouts in search of morsels of discarded food. Also the walls and steps of the dock were coated in a dark green film of slime which was slippery underfoot so you had to tread with care lest you slipped and caused yourself a mischief. It was a very short boat ride to Nettleville Hovel from the Hamlet where I lay my own hat which is called The Willow Wood where I felt much more at home as even though I am half Elf,half Human I feel much more comfortable in a outdoorsy at one with nature type of village than a more civilised built up one like Nettlevile.This possibly explains my affinity towards magic rather than brute force.

I had just been about to give up and turn for home when a gruff voice called “Ho there”, a smile spread across my lips at once as it was a very familiar voice.”What time do you call this? I have been here a little longer than I care to wait for any man” I replied still having not turned to face the administer of the greeting.”I can tell when you’re smiling even from the back of your head, now turn around and greet me properly you finger waggling fool”.I turned and faced the source of the insult ” You would be dead and buried 10 times over if it wasn’t for my finger waggling!!” I retorted and after a few seconds of silence we both erupted into laughter and clasped hands and shook vigorously.”By the old God’s it’s good to see you again Burwood” I said ” same Here Gazruney” Burwood replied then continued on ” The sea crossing was as boring as watching whitewash dry without you there for me to annoy ha ha”.Burwood walked toward the steps and up out of the dock tunnel into Nettleville and said as I followed him up the stairs ” come I’ll show you my digs, it’s not much but it’s home, at least for now anyway I have big plans for my time here in Qeynos you know”.Burwood was always full of ambition you see, even when we first arrived with just the clothes on our back he had grand plans involving Learning a trade as a weapon smith ,owning a Manor house and even a guild hall for our as yet to be formed guild.Me however I’m more your wherever I lay my hat’s my home type of chap but if it happened to be a nice home then so much the better for me I say.

After visiting Burwood’s Inn room in Nettleville and making our packs lighter via the removal and eager consumption of some water and ration bread which is all we could afford with our few coppers we had between us. we set to deciding how to make our way forward in the world.”I want to further my combat training” Burwood said “I’m interested in the path of the Monk, I saw a fellow in the back streets who said he could set me on the path if i wished it and I’m going back to see him today”.I new what I wanted to do which was further my arcane knowledge through sorcery and eventually become a great Wizard of renown in the city(my lack of ambition didn’t seem to apply to my magical career since mage types tend to be a little full of themselves, it’s part of the job description).

So off we went to our chosen paths and we became so busy and focused in the following weeks that we hardly had any contact with each other at all.When we did meet it was at the Inn of The Willow Wood and we were bubbling alive with stories about our adventures so far.Burwood started “To teach me the value of balance and focus my master sent me to collect two buckets of water slung one on each end of a staff across my shoulders,I had to fetch and return them without spilling a drop, I did it on the first time of trying and he told me I was one of the fastest he’d ever trained so far”.”that is excellent news old friend” I replied.Then I regaled how I had been sent through the city gates into Antonica to retrieve some gnoll ears with the new spells I had just learned from a Gnome called Magister Niksel near the mage tower in south Qeynos and my description of Antonica caught Burwood’s interest and we made plans to return there for a hunt very soon.After a few ales and some very delectable food provided by the Pretty Inn keeper called Yeoni who is also a Half Elf I might add!!.She also informed us of the local mutterings of odd events in the nearby forest ruins “adventurers are going into the ruins and not returning, People are saying there is Necromancy afoot in the ruins” she told us with an air of foreboding.Me and Burwood exchanged glances and without speaking knew exactly what tomorrows plans would now entail. We bid each other a goodnight and parted and made way to our rooms for a good nights sleep.

More next time.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!


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