Gather around and I shall tell you a story Part 2.

So we continue on after Burwood and Gazruney’s good night sleep.

Chapter 2:The Forest ruins

It was a fine morning as we made our way towards the Forest Ruins the sun was still low in the sky casting long shadows and reflecting so brightly back up at us from a large puddle from the prior evenings rain that we could hardly see anything much but bright sunlight until we had passed around the large pool of rainwater. The air was fresh and quite warm considering the early hour.I took a deep breath appreciating all that nature had to offer and then turned to Burwood and noticed he was wearing a heavy leather Jerkin,Pantaloons and skullcap along with a thick pair of wrist bracers to deflect incoming blows. “I see you have been spending your hard-earned at the town broker” I said out loud as we walked “aye” Burwood answered “Gotta be prepared for anything ain’t we?I picked up a nice new round shield and a tin scimitar as well,best to use them until I am adept enough in martial arts to not need a shield” .I knew he was right and chuckled inwardly I myself had got up a few hours before dawn to practice incantations and it was encouraging to know that we were dedicated and prepared for the job in hand whatever that may be.

We arrived at the large timber gate between Willow Wood and forest ruins to find a Qeynos guard posted there looking bored and tired. “I’ll warn you it’s a dangerous time to enter the ruins lads” said the guard.”Duly noted” we replied as one and then laughed at the small coincidence,”we intend to investigate and hope to put an end to whatever strange business is going on in the ruins” I said to the guard. He snorted and replied ” Don’t you think a few have tried already lad? they came back out with their tails between their legs they ave, and why should you be any different?, especially when you look like you’ve just stepped off the refugee ship, you best leave this sort of thing to more capable adventurers eh” and let out a bellow of laughter. At that Burwood stepped forward fists clenched and with his jaw jutting forward glared at the guard, the guard glared back but not before a flash of fear appeared in his eyes just for a split second then disappeared. It looked as though he wasn’t used to being stood up to, he stepped towards Burwood with his hand on the pommel of his sword “I’ll have you thrown in the town lock up if you carry on with that attitude boy” the guard said. I hastily stepped between the two and eased Burwood away “He is just a little testy because the inn ran out of bacon for breakfast this morning” I said. lets just forget this happened and we will be on our way OK!”. The guard just huffed and opened the gate and muttered something about “Bloody Newbies” as we walked through the gate.

On the other side of the gate was another guard who acted as though we did not exist which suited us after the commotion on the other side. There stood another gate to the left with Baubbleshire written on it and high grassy knoll ahead and to the right of a pathway into the forest ruins. We strolled down the path and as we passed the small in circumference but fairly tall grassy knoll the area opened out to show us a lake on the right and small copse of trees to the left. The wind was rustling the leaves and dappled the grass below with the sunlight and shadows that was shining through the trees onto the lush green grass. It looked like a nice place to rest for a while if one needed too except for the Badger or two burrowing under the tree roots that looked fairly nasty but were fine if left alone. “Actually I recall someone needing a badger pelt in town” Burwood piped up “Lets get one now eh?”.”Couldn’t hurt to warm up a little” I replied with a grin. Burwood slowly crept towards the closest and bigger of the two badgers raised his sword and brought it down quick and true and took its head from it’s body.”Looks like I’ll have to wait to warm up then” I complained “Not my fault I’m so good is it” said Burwood with a wry smile.

I turned away and looked across the pond it wasn’t all that deep and it was clear as spring water you could see turtles and fish swimming between the shafts of bright golden sunlight shooting onto the pond bed as if the sun was dipping its toes in to cool off. “Mmmmmm Turtle soup” said Burwood. I laughed and told him there would be plenty of time for fishing later, right now we should go and take a look inside the ruins.Burwood relented and we set foot along the path again towards what looked like was once a fine castle but was now just walls and four battlements in a square shape with no roof to speak of anymore. “Doesn’t look all that foreboding” Burwood chipped in.”From out here maybe not, but we may feel different once inside eh Burwood” I said.

See how they fare inside the castle ruins in the next post.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!


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