Gather around and I shall tell you a story Part 3

So we left our dynamic duo about to enter the ruins of a castle.

“Lets go then!” Burwood exclaimed and he stepped towards the old heavy looking black iron studded dark wood doors of the ruins. As he got close to the entrance we heard two distinct cracking noises and the air suddenly became hot as if we were stood much too close to a campfire. “Ye Gods! it’s a pair of fire elementals!” I exclaimed. “Get behind me ,I’ll keep em busy while you work your magic” Burwood shouted so I retreated slightly nearer the edge of the lake as he darted forward and forced his round shield into the closest elemental then spun on his heel and quickly slashed his scimitar in an arc across the other. The fiery orbs started to vibrate and moved in towards Burwood making a menacing pulsing sound and one lashed out a fiery tendril of lava towards him which he deftly ducked and swung his scimitar up and cut it away leaving his weapon glowing red with heat. At that point I had finished casting a lightning bolt spell and arcs of electricity had begun to pop and zap between my hands and fingers as I flung my arm forward and sent the bolt off towards the injured elemental which hissed and melted into a pool of inanimate lava on the ground. Burwood was now working hard at forcing the second elemental into giving up an opportunity for him to strike at it making full use of his partial training in martial arts he was feigning attacks dodging and looking to finish it off quickly. The elemental made it’s mistake soon enough sensing that I was the bigger threat to it’s existence due it’s partners quick demise it turned and headed speedily towards me. I managed to fire off a quick stun spell as it got close to the lake. Burwood ran full tilt at it and with a roar he shoulder charged it into the lake leaving his thick leather shoulder pad scorched black and smoking. The elemental hissed and screamed as it quickly turned back to stone and cracked in two down its centre. Burwood stared down for a moment catching his breath” I guess you could say you’ve warmed up now Gazruney ” he said. “Indeed” I replied “quite literally hahaha”.

We both set foot inside the ruin our nerves replaced with confidence at our victory over the elementals. It seemed darker inside which was a little odd considering there was no roof, it was a lot colder inside too and there was faint smell of old rotten meat in the air. We glanced at each other and set foot towards a set of stairs it was one of two sets the other of which was damaged beyond use and as I looked at the them I thought I saw some beady eyes looking back at me or maybe not I wasn’t sure.”Did you see anything over by the other stairway?” I asked.”No I didn’t Gazruney” said Burwood “lets head up and see whats going on in here I want to get this over with, it’s giving me the creeps being here it feels unnatural doesn’t it!”. He was right it felt odd almost as if time stood still nothing was moving, the sun was hardly getting through despite the open roof and there were no insects or wildlife around, unnatural was definitely the right word.

Upon climbing the steps to the next level we found an old destroyed fountain in the middle of small circle of grass and remains of a few pillars to the left and right. Burwood set off past the old fountain towards the archway through to the back upper area of the ruins when we heard something.”Shhh” I said “you heard that didnt you ?”. “Yep and I dont like the sound of it ” Burwood replied.It sounded like someone was walking with a limp while dragging a heavy sack along the ground behind them. It’s coming from down there where the floor is broken” I said pointing to gapeing hole in the flagstone floor that opened into the dungeon below the ruin. As we looked down in to the circle of light cast down from above a figure burst out of the edge of the darkness into the centre of the shaft of light.It was dragging one mangled leg behind it both arms hung useless at it’s sides and its mouldering face had white lifeless eyes ,clutched in it’s left hand was torn carcass of what looked to have been a Human once but was now just a mess of bloody flesh. We looked at each other eyes wide open “Best stay up here then “I said to Burwood he just nodded and kept staring afraid if he took his eyes off it that it would somehow jump up and attack us.”That proves it then, it’s Necromancy for certain someone or something is reanimating the corpses here” I said.There wouldnt be any sense in fighting the zombies if we didnt have too, I knew that if we could stop the one that was reanimating them they would all return to the abyss where they belong.

More next time.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!


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