Gather around and I shall tell you a story Part 4

Welcome friends to the next installment of the story. Without further ado I shall continue.

“Looks like there’s only one area left in the place to check out Gazruney” Burwood pointed out. So we silently went through the archway into almost complete darkness.There were still some old torches set in sconces on the walls near the doorway so I uttered a few words and two small flames danced from my fingertips towards them causing the torches to burst into flame. Burwood took one down and raised it above his head and walked forward. “By the powers that be, it smells like death himself is in the room !, I can’t stand it I tell you” He whispered with his face screwed up he started to hold his nose. As I peered into the dark trying to make out the back area of the room I heard something else this time something familiar in that it was someone chanting magic it was unfamiliar magic to me but magic none the less this I knew to be true.

“The Necromancer is at work in this room Burwood I can hear his chanting this our chance to act, with him concentrating on making his magic we can use of the element of surprise”.”It’s too dark” declared Burwood in despair “How should I sneak around when I can’t see more than 5 feet ahead of me”.”Ahh thats where I can be of help” I whispered and began an incantation which caused a fiery eye to appear in my hands I lifted my hands up to my face and blew the eye at Burwood and it settled on his forehead and sank in slowly untill it disappeared” Ha! I can see perfectly now, nice spellwork my friend” Burwood said happily. “I see him” He said “he is standing in front of a stone altar”. A shadowed form stood chanting directly out of a spell book that rested open on the alter before it. “It’s bad news it looks like a Ratonga, he is going to able see us as easily as if it were daylight in this dark!, it doesn’t effect their eyes at all”.

“Sounds like a challenge then” I said with a grin “Lets get ready to do this shall we”.I started to cast a proactive fire augmentation spell upon Burwood that would coat his scimitar in flame” Hold your weapon up” I said which Burwood did just in time to see his scimitar burst from top to toe in flames.”Whats the strategy here?” Burwood asked. I replied that I would try my best to engage the Necromancer himself in a magical duel while Burwood destroyed any undead minions he will summon to aid himself. I asked “are you ready for battle my friend?”. Burwood replied “as always, finger waggler” then steeled himself with a deep breath, drew his scimitar and shield and ran off towards the stone altar and the Necromancer with a shout of “FOR OUR BRETHREN AND THIER HONOR!!!!”.

The Necromancer stumbled back from the raised stone altar startled and instantly sneered at the incoming fighter he clicked is fingers and snapped off a spell. Straight away a circle of 6 skeletons appeared around him and pulled up into defensive stances around the Necromancer.”Have fun using a sword against my bony friends you fool its difficult to stab and slash an enemy with no flesh Mwahahaha!!” proclaimed the Necromancer. “So thats how you wanna play it is it? you filthy rat!” barked Burwood, He then launched his scimitar at the Ratonga who ducked it with ease. Burwood then flung his shield out like a giant shurikan towards one of the skeletons and took its head clean off “One down five to go!” Burwood shouted. At that point the Ratonga had noticed me and growled angrily as he started circling his hands in front him working up a spell designated for me no doubt. I flicked my wrist and shot off a quick disruption spell which stopped him making his magic at once.He growled again in frustration and could only watch I as called forth a bolt of electricity and my hands sparked and crackled with the energy again before I threw my hands forward and let him have it. The bolt knocked him clean off his feet but wasnt enough to put him out of action, in fact it was if he was being lifted up and put back on his feet by a puppeteer using invisible strings.”A little help!” Burwood called as five skeletons bore down on him menacingly. So I uttered an incantation and issued a ball of flame which incinerated the closest skeleton to me.” I can’t do that again Burwood they are too close to you I’ll hit you as well” I shouted over the rattling din the skeletons were making. Burwood had rounded on the closest of the four skeletons and hit it with four punches in quick succession reducing it to a scattered pile of bones. I was sure I saw his hands light up for a moment but dismissed it as I had the pressing matter of the Necromancer to deal with.

It was then that I noticed a thin stream of green mist snaking up from the book and into the Ratonga’s chest as he was casting another spell and laughing a deep maniacal laugh. “It’s the spell book Burwood!, he is taking power from it we have to destroy it!” I shouted. The Necromancer heard what I had said and his face quickly contorted with anger, but before he could do anything I had cast a ball of fire directly at the  spell book.”NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” the ratonga screamed as there was a green flash and a huge explosion sending him to the floor.He didnt get back up this time.The three skeletons that were left were still attacking Burwood though,it must have been some incredibly powerful magic the Necromancer used for them to endure and continue to fight past his demise. Burwood laughed and said ” Pull up a chair Gazruney I’m going to show you how a Brawler does things”.
He took up an offensive stance flexing his shoulder blades and bringing his fists up in an uppercut motion a few times to warm up then reached out with his right arm with his palm open in the direction of the skeletons and flexed his fingers back towards himself in a beckoning gesture “Bring it on bonehead’s” Burwood growled. The three skeletal warriors black empty eye sockets suddenly glowed red and they all emitted a high-pitched cackle as they advanced on Burwood with their hands raised pointing their sharp bony fingers at him. Just as they entered Burwood’s reach he silently dropped down low to the ground and swung his right leg out in a wide sweep knocking all three skeletons down at once. He was up in and on his feet with a quick flip and raised his leg almost parallel to his body and dropped it down on the middle skeletons head with loud crunch. The Skeleton on his left was now up on its feet and bearing down on him its arm raised to jab Burwood’s chest with its shiv like fingers. Burwood raised his right arm to parry the blow and allowed his bracer to slide down the skeletons forearm then grabbed its wrist and twisted his body so his back was facing the skeleton and with a grunt wrenched its arm off. Then he lent forward raised his left leg behind him and kicked straight up under the skeletons chin and knocked its head off into the air.

However he took a little too long in appreciating the kill and the final skeleton had drawn close enough to take a swipe and raked three deep cuts on Burwood’s left bicep.”Gahh,you’ll pay for that damn you!!!” Burwood bellowed and took a step back and drew his arms up into the air with a look of complete focus on his face there was a crackling sound beginning to emit from his arms as he slowly drew them down pulled them into his chest and punched the air in front of him so fast his arms were a blur except for bright yellow sparks of energy, those you could not miss.The skeleton faltered at seeing this and took a half step back “Oh no you don’t!” Burwood commanded and he jumped forward and released an impossibly fast combination of punches spattered with small bursts of yellow energy that was both pummeling the skeletons body and setting what was left aflame until there was nothing but pile a of charred broken bones on the flagstones at his feet.
He then walked over to the dead ratonga picked up his earlier discarded scimitar and cut of its head “just to prove it was us that did the job” he said with a smile on his face.I walked to the stone altar and picked up what was left of the spell book “this may come in handy too” I said “Be a nice conversion piece for the tavern eh”.

Well hopefully you will come back next time for the final installment of “The Monk and the Mage”. Thankyou for reading!

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!


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