Gather around and I shall tell you a story: Conclusion

So he we are the end of my story of one my first and most treasured memories of Everquest 2 I have. I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The guard in the Willow Wood that had mocked us could only gape open-mouthed as we passed back through the gate,Burwood holding the Ratonga Necromancers head and myself with the still smouldering remains of the old spell book.The gaurd shouted as headed into the centre of the Hamlet “They’ve gone and done it ,they have freed us of the evil that has plagued us for the last year!”.Everyone within earshot stopped what they were doing and looked directly at us and then at what we were holding and started cheering. A couple of the merchants even came to us and handed us a bag of coins ” it’s been a bane to our lives not being able to hunt or gather crafting materials in the ruins lads, thank you and take this in appreciation it’s not much but it’s something at least “thankyou kind fellows the gesture is far more important than the reward itself to us I assure you” I said. As we walked to the water trough to wash I said to Burwood “I dont know about you mate but I could use an ale and a bite now we have some coin again” .Burwood vehemently agreed and patted his abdomen for effect saying “My stomach thinks my throats been cut mate”.

We headed for the Lions mane tavern in south Qeynos as we decided we were going to blow the rest of our coin on a slap up meal and a few drinks and if there was pleasurable female company then all the better for us. We passed through south Qeynos towards the Inn with a few heads turning here and there and some people were whispering and pointing.Then just before we got to the threshold of the Lions Mane a small boy came skipping up to us “are you the two brave adventurers that put an end the foul business in the Forest ruins? you sure look like em” he chirped enthusiasticaly.Me and Burwood looked at each other astonished ,news travels fast in Qeynos apparently. “Aye that would be me and my Friend Burwood’s work all right” I replied.The boy laughed and whooped and ran back to his friends shouting about how they can return and play in the forest once more because the danger was gone.I laughed and said “makes it all worth while when you see children happy doesn’t it” Burwood replied I shall be a mite happier with a full belly and quenched thirst old friend” we both laughed and entered the tavern.

“IT’S THEM ITS THE UNDEAD SLAYERS!” was the first thing we heard followed by applause and much hand shaking and back slapping.The bar keep of the tavern a stout man if I ever did see one waddled over and said “Well done lads well done I lost a good friend to the evil in those ruins put your money away your food and drink is free here this night”.So we ate and drank and recounted our tale many times over.It was an adventure to remember along with all our others that followed, but I shall save those tales for another time.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!


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