A bit of Halloween!

As we approach what is possibly my favorite time of year (autumn) and with the end of October the excellently fun Halloween celebration, I always feel a little miffed and jealous of our American cousins across the pond as over here in England Halloween is pretty much ignored by the general public. It’s getting a litte more popular every year but it’s still something most do not take part in especially if they do not have any children.

I usually throw a house party for friends and relatives (Fancy dress or no admittance of course) but this year I’m thinking of renting a hall and doing it there instead, thus keeping my house clean and my carpets less full of alcohol lol.

So what  I’d like to do today is share with you my usual gaming habits from around this time of year. Unsurprisingly It goes a bit dark, I’ll start by dusting off my old copy of Vampire the masquerade:Bloodlines and roll a new character. This game has one of the best and most atmospheric haunted house sections I have played….ever. I wont say what happens in case any of you decide to try it, but trust me it will make you jump..I promise!, especially if you play it on your own in the dark.

I shall be playing some Resident Evil 5 and Left for Dead 2 on Xbox 360, both games I have put off buying specifically untill Halloween this year. Last year I went as far as to spend a couple of weeks playing  Requiem: Memento Mori which is a horror based free to play mmo. Even though there is nothing new on show in the game compared to any other contemporary mmo ( Besides a shipload of blood and gore) I actually found it quite fun and might pop back in this year for another go, I’ll see how time permits.

Last but not least there’s Everquest 2 and their Nights of the Dead event that will be running from 15th of Oct to the 9th of Nov( Thanks for the correction Siren) . It is my favorite live event in the game and as per usual there are a few new additions to the plethora of fun things to do and see this year. Check out EQ2 Traders Corner for the lowdown on that. You must at the very least do the haunted hedge maze instance in Nektulos forest, especially now you can access it for free on EQ2 extended.

As for TV I shall be re-watching my favorite random episodes of Supernatural which is definitely my most loved TV series since it launched in 2005. It never takes itself too seriously and the two main characters “Sam and Dean” bounce off of each other excellently while dealing with all the dark and scary things the rest of the world do not know of or choose to deny the existence of. I will not bore you with a list of all my absolute favourite episodes but If I really had to choose It would be “Scarecrow” of season one and “Its the great pumpkin Sam Winchester” of season four. From the get go there are nods and references to popular geek culture, some incredibly obvious some not so, but it always gives me a buzz to find them in there its like the show is speaking to me on some weird level. I suspect it has something to do with the fact the creator of the show “Eric Kripke” is roughly the same age as me and watched/played similar games and listened to the same music growing up.

A clip from “Its the great pumpkin Sam Winchester”. Oddly embedding was disabled so you’ll need to click the “Watch on youtube” link in the vid windows.

A clip from “Scarecrow”

And that ladies and gentlemen is what I shall be doing over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully you will have just as much fun in whatever you choose to do whether you take part in Halloween or not.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!


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35 year old social gamer on Xbox 360 and PC platforms Big fan of the Harry Potter series, like a freaky anorak knows to much fan lol. Raptr - Gazruney XBL - Gazruney
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