Best laid plans

I had a big plan for this weekend that involved leveling my Inquisitor to 50 in EQ2X, getting my Black Orc to Rank 25 via scenarios in Warhammer and returning to Runes of Magic on my 38/30 Scout/Priest for a sniff around to see what is new there. All with a view of coming back here on Monday with a big hot coffee and my notepad ( I now realise a notepad is bloody essential for game blogging) and writing about my adventures here.

Alas! Technology has foiled me again as after only 6 days of use the hard drive in my new PC failed. It is being picked up by the courier’s today for a repair and suspect I shall not receive it back untill late next week. So my grand weekend of mmo goodness has to be put on hold /sigh.

I had a real blast last night playing Gears of War 2 with some friends on xbox live, usually we stick to Horde mode but last night we played against each other in verses match ups. I sucked! but I still had an awsome evening of locust exploding fun. Also I have my box set of the latest season of Supernatural which came out in the UK today to keep me busy, and I need to finish Guitar Hero:Warriors of Rock on Xbox 360 of which I am about halfway though but still, I’m really gonna miss my PC again!!!

Have a brilliant weekend everyone!

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!


About Gazruney

35 year old social gamer on Xbox 360 and PC platforms Big fan of the Harry Potter series, like a freaky anorak knows to much fan lol. Raptr - Gazruney XBL - Gazruney
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2 Responses to Best laid plans

  1. Akely says:


    Due to the fact I had to get up really really eraly I skipped Gears night. Up till I read that you went versus I was sad I did. Now I’m glad I did. My ineptitude is legendary and I’d still be hiding under the bed, sucking my thumb.

  2. gazruney says:

    lol Akely. I think it was more that Senyek,Bevis,Teppo et al are just exceptionally good at Gears. That is my latest excuse anyway 😛 .

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