Lean Mean Dwarf Choppin Machine!

Greetings chums!

Well I manged to get into my beloved PC gaming sooner rather than later. I cobbled together a Frankensteins monster of a machine from all my spare parts/dead machines in my garage. Hopefully it will not shuffle off in search of other PC’s brains too soon!

So last night I met up in Warhammer online for the ‘Hipster Battalion’s’ monday night static warband fun. Well actually in truth I logged in a little early decided to go with my Orc Choppa and a ran a scenario (Tor Anroc) and did some quests in Talabecland just to warm up and managed to ding rank 25. Which was good because I need to catch up with the guys a few levels since I have missed a few meetings. Hitting 25 unlocked a new tactic that when slotted gives my abilities 15% more dps when hitting from behind or flanking. Also I got new AOE hotbar ability that can strike up to 9 players in one swathe. Ever seen an Orc do a happy dance?


I want my Choppa to look like this one right now!!

So our first foray into battle was to head to Ghronds Sacristy keep in Avelorn to bolster its defences from an Order assault. Firstly we taunted and harried from the ramparts before deciding to sneak out of the postern door and outflank the attackers and try to roll them up from the rear ranks. So with VanHemlock leading the charge off we went, we started to carve into them quite nicely but the main force caught wind of our plan a bit too soon and turned to face us en-masse and our raid party had to make its retreat back into the keep. By which time the Order had managed to break through the keep door and were trickling inside. We spent the next 25 mins repelling the invaders untill they sullenly gave up and retreated as we ran after them jeering and hacking at their backs.

Avelorn, Very green and leafy!


After running down the counter for the renown boost we blew our horns ( to summon our mounts, stop giggling at the back!!) and rode off majestically across Avelorn to retake Well of Qhaysn. Qhaysn was a very quick sacking indeed, over before it began it seemed and I won a gold loot bag at the end which was nice. We spent the rest of the evening running PQ’s to cap out some influence bars and I won my first purple loot bag! Hooray!!!. All in all I was very happy to be back playing WAR and having a riotous laugh with the guys on mumble as always, I’m looking forward to next Monday already. Tonight we are off to Norrath in EQ2X for some dungeon crawling, Say hi if you see me :).

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!




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