Games I play

Everquest 2 live :Nektulos server, Gazruney the lvl 90 Wizard, Inferius the lvl 90 Conjuror and Pheoliks the lvl 89 Warden.

Everquest 2 extended: Gazroony the lvl 36Inquisitor/38 Sage.

Warhammer online: Karak Azgul server, Gaztrick Rank 30 Choppa, Gursh rank 26 Black Orc, Inferius rank 9 Squigherder and Karakiticus rank 7 Shaman.

World of Warcraft: Gazruney the lvl 41 Warlock.

Runes of Magic: Babyboo lvl 40/32 Scout/Priest.

I pretty much have a character in most mmos, more than I care to list here to be honest.

Xbox Live : Gamer tag :Gazruney playing various games.


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