A nice drop of schnapps!

Hello my dear friends! here we all are again another shiny new week. I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did. I spent my evenings thrashing my plastic axe in Guitar Hero : Warriors of rock and boy am I enjoying myself. Shame I cannot feel my hand anymore 😛  but rocking hard comes with a price I guess. The new format GH has taken with Warriors is really fun I won’t spoil it by blurting it all out here but for me it works much better than previous versions and is keeping my attention for longer. I have completed the main story on medium and I am now working on doing it on the hard setting. Screw expert though as my hands would fall off!! I’m not getting any younger ..haha!!

I fancied a crack at Call of Duty:World at War as well and ended up playing the Nazi Zombie mode which is flippin fun to be honest and found myself playing Nazi zombie mode for the whole session. Keeping all the entrances to the bunker shored up and the zombies out is a tricky plate spinning act. Spend too long fixing a barricade at one end of the bunker and you’ll turn around to find a bunch of undead Aryan‘s about to consume your brains with a nice drop of schnapps and some sauerkraut. As always it gets 100 percent more fun with a few buddies in for the ride and we made short work of a four-hour game session. Also once more for posterity I should like to push Monday Night Combat on you, get it! its wicked fun 😀 .

On a different note I got an email today letting me know it’s going to be 5-7 days before I get my PC back so I am going to miss my Warhammer static group outing tonight and possibly next Monday too which is one big steaming pile of suck 😦 . That still has not stopped me looking into what new PC games I’m looking forward to most next year though which is what my next post will entail.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

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Best laid plans

I had a big plan for this weekend that involved leveling my Inquisitor to 50 in EQ2X, getting my Black Orc to Rank 25 via scenarios in Warhammer and returning to Runes of Magic on my 38/30 Scout/Priest for a sniff around to see what is new there. All with a view of coming back here on Monday with a big hot coffee and my notepad ( I now realise a notepad is bloody essential for game blogging) and writing about my adventures here.

Alas! Technology has foiled me again as after only 6 days of use the hard drive in my new PC failed. It is being picked up by the courier’s today for a repair and suspect I shall not receive it back untill late next week. So my grand weekend of mmo goodness has to be put on hold /sigh.

I had a real blast last night playing Gears of War 2 with some friends on xbox live, usually we stick to Horde mode but last night we played against each other in verses match ups. I sucked! but I still had an awsome evening of locust exploding fun. Also I have my box set of the latest season of Supernatural which came out in the UK today to keep me busy, and I need to finish Guitar Hero:Warriors of Rock on Xbox 360 of which I am about halfway though but still, I’m really gonna miss my PC again!!!

Have a brilliant weekend everyone!

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

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The violence inherent in the system!

Firstly welcome back, secondly I’ll use any excuse to link Monty Python footage.

“The violence inherent in the system” or PvP as it is more widely known in gaming terms these days is what I shall be bleating about today my good fellows.

For me there is no greater test of my gaming skill than when I’m facing another human player. Whether it’s a first person shooter,mmo or whatever I just can’t beat that adrenaline rush of victory over a human opponent. Of course with those great highs of victory come the heavy lows of defeat but I am very good at mentally brushing defeat aside (unless there was a valuable lesson to be learned) and only remembering the victories.

Which is why I enjoy PvP so much in my games because when I think about at its base level Player verses Player can be likened to the glass half full or half empty expression. Either you dwell mostly on the defeat and frustration side (half empty) or you recall only the victorious battles and succesfull strategies (half full) .

I’m not sure wether my outlook on player versus player gameplay is due to my gaming history which is mostly FPS and sports games untill I started mmo’s with EQ2 in 2004 or just that I am a born pvp’r.

How about you ? do you think your gaming history has effected your liking of PvP, or are PvP lovers born not made?

Either way I think PvP servers for games should be named “Servers with violence inherent in the system”. If only because it’s funnier, laughter is the best medicine after all.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

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A bit of Halloween!

As we approach what is possibly my favorite time of year (autumn) and with the end of October the excellently fun Halloween celebration, I always feel a little miffed and jealous of our American cousins across the pond as over here in England Halloween is pretty much ignored by the general public. It’s getting a litte more popular every year but it’s still something most do not take part in especially if they do not have any children.

I usually throw a house party for friends and relatives (Fancy dress or no admittance of course) but this year I’m thinking of renting a hall and doing it there instead, thus keeping my house clean and my carpets less full of alcohol lol.

So what  I’d like to do today is share with you my usual gaming habits from around this time of year. Unsurprisingly It goes a bit dark, I’ll start by dusting off my old copy of Vampire the masquerade:Bloodlines and roll a new character. This game has one of the best and most atmospheric haunted house sections I have played….ever. I wont say what happens in case any of you decide to try it, but trust me it will make you jump..I promise!, especially if you play it on your own in the dark.

I shall be playing some Resident Evil 5 and Left for Dead 2 on Xbox 360, both games I have put off buying specifically untill Halloween this year. Last year I went as far as to spend a couple of weeks playing  Requiem: Memento Mori which is a horror based free to play mmo. Even though there is nothing new on show in the game compared to any other contemporary mmo ( Besides a shipload of blood and gore) I actually found it quite fun and might pop back in this year for another go, I’ll see how time permits.

Last but not least there’s Everquest 2 and their Nights of the Dead event that will be running from 15th of Oct to the 9th of Nov( Thanks for the correction Siren) . It is my favorite live event in the game and as per usual there are a few new additions to the plethora of fun things to do and see this year. Check out EQ2 Traders Corner for the lowdown on that. You must at the very least do the haunted hedge maze instance in Nektulos forest, especially now you can access it for free on EQ2 extended.

As for TV I shall be re-watching my favorite random episodes of Supernatural which is definitely my most loved TV series since it launched in 2005. It never takes itself too seriously and the two main characters “Sam and Dean” bounce off of each other excellently while dealing with all the dark and scary things the rest of the world do not know of or choose to deny the existence of. I will not bore you with a list of all my absolute favourite episodes but If I really had to choose It would be “Scarecrow” of season one and “Its the great pumpkin Sam Winchester” of season four. From the get go there are nods and references to popular geek culture, some incredibly obvious some not so, but it always gives me a buzz to find them in there its like the show is speaking to me on some weird level. I suspect it has something to do with the fact the creator of the show “Eric Kripke” is roughly the same age as me and watched/played similar games and listened to the same music growing up.

A clip from “Its the great pumpkin Sam Winchester”. Oddly embedding was disabled so you’ll need to click the “Watch on youtube” link in the vid windows.

A clip from “Scarecrow”

And that ladies and gentlemen is what I shall be doing over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully you will have just as much fun in whatever you choose to do whether you take part in Halloween or not.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

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As I mentioned in my last post here are some current pics of my Greenskin lads.







Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

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Impressive..most impressive!

So I got my hands on my new gaming PC last night and I could finally get a grip on my withdrawal symptoms of no PC gaming. My old machine was still running XP as I decided from all the horror stories I’d heard about Vista that I would skip it in favor of windows 7. I’m really impressed so far from what I have experienced after re-downloading, installing my current mmo list I have not come across one hiccup yet…

By the time I’d finished all the installing and patching of my games it was quite late so I just popped into Warhammer for a few minutes to check out how much more shiny it looks on the new hardware and was surprised to see a personalised loading screen referring to my character by name and carrying all the current patch info, a very nice touch which suitably impressed me If I’m honest. Suffice to say I shall be spending the next few evenings immersed in the world of Warhammer.

I can’t wait to try out DX11 now and therefore have changed my stance on Lotro free to play and will actually partake in it when it arrives in Europe so that I may see my new graphics card working at it’s full potential. I’m half tempted to re-install Vanguard now as well because my old system just could not handle it unfortunately. Anway here’s to re trying all my PC games with shinier, more rose-tinted glasses, hurrah!

Apologies for the lack of screen shots as I was in such a rush I forgot to grab some and I’m writing this on my laptop at work, I’ll get some for next time.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

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It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!

Hello there!

Here we are once again a new post for a new day,although i’m a but depressed as I am Sans gaming  PC at the moment. You see at the weekend ,Saturday morning to be precise and after 5 faithful years and a few upgrades here and there my old puffer of a single core cpu/agp gfx  based machine spontaneously combusted…spontaneously.


Therefore there has been literally no PC gaming for me at all recently and there won’t be any for at least another week until my new replacement gaming rig arrives. I’m feeling specifically depressed about this matter today because its my birthday which usually means i’m gleefully searching through Steam/Amazon for new games to buy but because I have spent all my spare cash on my new computer this year there will be no new games untill christmas!. Oh well “chin up” as we say in England.

I have been spending my newfound spare time re-reading “Harry Potter and the deathly hallows” for what is possibly the fourth or fifth time now I’m not sure, but I still enjoy it incredibly. Also I have been watching a lot of “Supernatural” and “Warehouse 13” and I caught a very interesting episode of “Who do you think you are” starring Matthew Broderick last night. I still have my Xbox360 of course and I look forward to meeting up on Thursday night with a few friends for some shooter fun, but having no PC has really brought it home to me how much I prefer playing games on that platform.

So I’m afraid its all a bit ranty this time but with good reason I feel :D.

Stay classy guys…and thanks for dropping by.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

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Gather around and I shall tell you a story: Conclusion

So he we are the end of my story of one my first and most treasured memories of Everquest 2 I have. I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The guard in the Willow Wood that had mocked us could only gape open-mouthed as we passed back through the gate,Burwood holding the Ratonga Necromancers head and myself with the still smouldering remains of the old spell book.The gaurd shouted as headed into the centre of the Hamlet “They’ve gone and done it ,they have freed us of the evil that has plagued us for the last year!”.Everyone within earshot stopped what they were doing and looked directly at us and then at what we were holding and started cheering. A couple of the merchants even came to us and handed us a bag of coins ” it’s been a bane to our lives not being able to hunt or gather crafting materials in the ruins lads, thank you and take this in appreciation it’s not much but it’s something at least “thankyou kind fellows the gesture is far more important than the reward itself to us I assure you” I said. As we walked to the water trough to wash I said to Burwood “I dont know about you mate but I could use an ale and a bite now we have some coin again” .Burwood vehemently agreed and patted his abdomen for effect saying “My stomach thinks my throats been cut mate”.

We headed for the Lions mane tavern in south Qeynos as we decided we were going to blow the rest of our coin on a slap up meal and a few drinks and if there was pleasurable female company then all the better for us. We passed through south Qeynos towards the Inn with a few heads turning here and there and some people were whispering and pointing.Then just before we got to the threshold of the Lions Mane a small boy came skipping up to us “are you the two brave adventurers that put an end the foul business in the Forest ruins? you sure look like em” he chirped enthusiasticaly.Me and Burwood looked at each other astonished ,news travels fast in Qeynos apparently. “Aye that would be me and my Friend Burwood’s work all right” I replied.The boy laughed and whooped and ran back to his friends shouting about how they can return and play in the forest once more because the danger was gone.I laughed and said “makes it all worth while when you see children happy doesn’t it” Burwood replied I shall be a mite happier with a full belly and quenched thirst old friend” we both laughed and entered the tavern.

“IT’S THEM ITS THE UNDEAD SLAYERS!” was the first thing we heard followed by applause and much hand shaking and back slapping.The bar keep of the tavern a stout man if I ever did see one waddled over and said “Well done lads well done I lost a good friend to the evil in those ruins put your money away your food and drink is free here this night”.So we ate and drank and recounted our tale many times over.It was an adventure to remember along with all our others that followed, but I shall save those tales for another time.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

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Gather around and I shall tell you a story Part 4

Welcome friends to the next installment of the story. Without further ado I shall continue.

“Looks like there’s only one area left in the place to check out Gazruney” Burwood pointed out. So we silently went through the archway into almost complete darkness.There were still some old torches set in sconces on the walls near the doorway so I uttered a few words and two small flames danced from my fingertips towards them causing the torches to burst into flame. Burwood took one down and raised it above his head and walked forward. “By the powers that be, it smells like death himself is in the room !, I can’t stand it I tell you” He whispered with his face screwed up he started to hold his nose. As I peered into the dark trying to make out the back area of the room I heard something else this time something familiar in that it was someone chanting magic it was unfamiliar magic to me but magic none the less this I knew to be true.

“The Necromancer is at work in this room Burwood I can hear his chanting this our chance to act, with him concentrating on making his magic we can use of the element of surprise”.”It’s too dark” declared Burwood in despair “How should I sneak around when I can’t see more than 5 feet ahead of me”.”Ahh thats where I can be of help” I whispered and began an incantation which caused a fiery eye to appear in my hands I lifted my hands up to my face and blew the eye at Burwood and it settled on his forehead and sank in slowly untill it disappeared” Ha! I can see perfectly now, nice spellwork my friend” Burwood said happily. “I see him” He said “he is standing in front of a stone altar”. A shadowed form stood chanting directly out of a spell book that rested open on the alter before it. “It’s bad news it looks like a Ratonga, he is going to able see us as easily as if it were daylight in this dark!, it doesn’t effect their eyes at all”.

“Sounds like a challenge then” I said with a grin “Lets get ready to do this shall we”.I started to cast a proactive fire augmentation spell upon Burwood that would coat his scimitar in flame” Hold your weapon up” I said which Burwood did just in time to see his scimitar burst from top to toe in flames.”Whats the strategy here?” Burwood asked. I replied that I would try my best to engage the Necromancer himself in a magical duel while Burwood destroyed any undead minions he will summon to aid himself. I asked “are you ready for battle my friend?”. Burwood replied “as always, finger waggler” then steeled himself with a deep breath, drew his scimitar and shield and ran off towards the stone altar and the Necromancer with a shout of “FOR OUR BRETHREN AND THIER HONOR!!!!”.

The Necromancer stumbled back from the raised stone altar startled and instantly sneered at the incoming fighter he clicked is fingers and snapped off a spell. Straight away a circle of 6 skeletons appeared around him and pulled up into defensive stances around the Necromancer.”Have fun using a sword against my bony friends you fool its difficult to stab and slash an enemy with no flesh Mwahahaha!!” proclaimed the Necromancer. “So thats how you wanna play it is it? you filthy rat!” barked Burwood, He then launched his scimitar at the Ratonga who ducked it with ease. Burwood then flung his shield out like a giant shurikan towards one of the skeletons and took its head clean off “One down five to go!” Burwood shouted. At that point the Ratonga had noticed me and growled angrily as he started circling his hands in front him working up a spell designated for me no doubt. I flicked my wrist and shot off a quick disruption spell which stopped him making his magic at once.He growled again in frustration and could only watch I as called forth a bolt of electricity and my hands sparked and crackled with the energy again before I threw my hands forward and let him have it. The bolt knocked him clean off his feet but wasnt enough to put him out of action, in fact it was if he was being lifted up and put back on his feet by a puppeteer using invisible strings.”A little help!” Burwood called as five skeletons bore down on him menacingly. So I uttered an incantation and issued a ball of flame which incinerated the closest skeleton to me.” I can’t do that again Burwood they are too close to you I’ll hit you as well” I shouted over the rattling din the skeletons were making. Burwood had rounded on the closest of the four skeletons and hit it with four punches in quick succession reducing it to a scattered pile of bones. I was sure I saw his hands light up for a moment but dismissed it as I had the pressing matter of the Necromancer to deal with.

It was then that I noticed a thin stream of green mist snaking up from the book and into the Ratonga’s chest as he was casting another spell and laughing a deep maniacal laugh. “It’s the spell book Burwood!, he is taking power from it we have to destroy it!” I shouted. The Necromancer heard what I had said and his face quickly contorted with anger, but before he could do anything I had cast a ball of fire directly at the  spell book.”NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” the ratonga screamed as there was a green flash and a huge explosion sending him to the floor.He didnt get back up this time.The three skeletons that were left were still attacking Burwood though,it must have been some incredibly powerful magic the Necromancer used for them to endure and continue to fight past his demise. Burwood laughed and said ” Pull up a chair Gazruney I’m going to show you how a Brawler does things”.
He took up an offensive stance flexing his shoulder blades and bringing his fists up in an uppercut motion a few times to warm up then reached out with his right arm with his palm open in the direction of the skeletons and flexed his fingers back towards himself in a beckoning gesture “Bring it on bonehead’s” Burwood growled. The three skeletal warriors black empty eye sockets suddenly glowed red and they all emitted a high-pitched cackle as they advanced on Burwood with their hands raised pointing their sharp bony fingers at him. Just as they entered Burwood’s reach he silently dropped down low to the ground and swung his right leg out in a wide sweep knocking all three skeletons down at once. He was up in and on his feet with a quick flip and raised his leg almost parallel to his body and dropped it down on the middle skeletons head with loud crunch. The Skeleton on his left was now up on its feet and bearing down on him its arm raised to jab Burwood’s chest with its shiv like fingers. Burwood raised his right arm to parry the blow and allowed his bracer to slide down the skeletons forearm then grabbed its wrist and twisted his body so his back was facing the skeleton and with a grunt wrenched its arm off. Then he lent forward raised his left leg behind him and kicked straight up under the skeletons chin and knocked its head off into the air.

However he took a little too long in appreciating the kill and the final skeleton had drawn close enough to take a swipe and raked three deep cuts on Burwood’s left bicep.”Gahh,you’ll pay for that damn you!!!” Burwood bellowed and took a step back and drew his arms up into the air with a look of complete focus on his face there was a crackling sound beginning to emit from his arms as he slowly drew them down pulled them into his chest and punched the air in front of him so fast his arms were a blur except for bright yellow sparks of energy, those you could not miss.The skeleton faltered at seeing this and took a half step back “Oh no you don’t!” Burwood commanded and he jumped forward and released an impossibly fast combination of punches spattered with small bursts of yellow energy that was both pummeling the skeletons body and setting what was left aflame until there was nothing but pile a of charred broken bones on the flagstones at his feet.
He then walked over to the dead ratonga picked up his earlier discarded scimitar and cut of its head “just to prove it was us that did the job” he said with a smile on his face.I walked to the stone altar and picked up what was left of the spell book “this may come in handy too” I said “Be a nice conversion piece for the tavern eh”.

Well hopefully you will come back next time for the final installment of “The Monk and the Mage”. Thankyou for reading!

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

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Gather around and I shall tell you a story Part 3

So we left our dynamic duo about to enter the ruins of a castle.

“Lets go then!” Burwood exclaimed and he stepped towards the old heavy looking black iron studded dark wood doors of the ruins. As he got close to the entrance we heard two distinct cracking noises and the air suddenly became hot as if we were stood much too close to a campfire. “Ye Gods! it’s a pair of fire elementals!” I exclaimed. “Get behind me ,I’ll keep em busy while you work your magic” Burwood shouted so I retreated slightly nearer the edge of the lake as he darted forward and forced his round shield into the closest elemental then spun on his heel and quickly slashed his scimitar in an arc across the other. The fiery orbs started to vibrate and moved in towards Burwood making a menacing pulsing sound and one lashed out a fiery tendril of lava towards him which he deftly ducked and swung his scimitar up and cut it away leaving his weapon glowing red with heat. At that point I had finished casting a lightning bolt spell and arcs of electricity had begun to pop and zap between my hands and fingers as I flung my arm forward and sent the bolt off towards the injured elemental which hissed and melted into a pool of inanimate lava on the ground. Burwood was now working hard at forcing the second elemental into giving up an opportunity for him to strike at it making full use of his partial training in martial arts he was feigning attacks dodging and looking to finish it off quickly. The elemental made it’s mistake soon enough sensing that I was the bigger threat to it’s existence due it’s partners quick demise it turned and headed speedily towards me. I managed to fire off a quick stun spell as it got close to the lake. Burwood ran full tilt at it and with a roar he shoulder charged it into the lake leaving his thick leather shoulder pad scorched black and smoking. The elemental hissed and screamed as it quickly turned back to stone and cracked in two down its centre. Burwood stared down for a moment catching his breath” I guess you could say you’ve warmed up now Gazruney ” he said. “Indeed” I replied “quite literally hahaha”.

We both set foot inside the ruin our nerves replaced with confidence at our victory over the elementals. It seemed darker inside which was a little odd considering there was no roof, it was a lot colder inside too and there was faint smell of old rotten meat in the air. We glanced at each other and set foot towards a set of stairs it was one of two sets the other of which was damaged beyond use and as I looked at the them I thought I saw some beady eyes looking back at me or maybe not I wasn’t sure.”Did you see anything over by the other stairway?” I asked.”No I didn’t Gazruney” said Burwood “lets head up and see whats going on in here I want to get this over with, it’s giving me the creeps being here it feels unnatural doesn’t it!”. He was right it felt odd almost as if time stood still nothing was moving, the sun was hardly getting through despite the open roof and there were no insects or wildlife around, unnatural was definitely the right word.

Upon climbing the steps to the next level we found an old destroyed fountain in the middle of small circle of grass and remains of a few pillars to the left and right. Burwood set off past the old fountain towards the archway through to the back upper area of the ruins when we heard something.”Shhh” I said “you heard that didnt you ?”. “Yep and I dont like the sound of it ” Burwood replied.It sounded like someone was walking with a limp while dragging a heavy sack along the ground behind them. It’s coming from down there where the floor is broken” I said pointing to gapeing hole in the flagstone floor that opened into the dungeon below the ruin. As we looked down in to the circle of light cast down from above a figure burst out of the edge of the darkness into the centre of the shaft of light.It was dragging one mangled leg behind it both arms hung useless at it’s sides and its mouldering face had white lifeless eyes ,clutched in it’s left hand was torn carcass of what looked to have been a Human once but was now just a mess of bloody flesh. We looked at each other eyes wide open “Best stay up here then “I said to Burwood he just nodded and kept staring afraid if he took his eyes off it that it would somehow jump up and attack us.”That proves it then, it’s Necromancy for certain someone or something is reanimating the corpses here” I said.There wouldnt be any sense in fighting the zombies if we didnt have too, I knew that if we could stop the one that was reanimating them they would all return to the abyss where they belong.

More next time.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch with your friends!

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